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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 272 is an issue of WDCS from the series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is May 1963 and the cover price is twelve cents.


Spare That Hair[]

Starring: Donald Duck
Guest starring: Huey, Dewey and Louie
Summary: Don the barber is a miracle worker who pleases all his customers, until he mistakenly shaves an escaped gorilla.

Injun Expert[]

Starring: Ludwig Von Drake
Summary: The overworked professor takes a rest vacation in the Old West town of Gulchburg. When he is brought into the middle of a dispute between soldiers and Native Americans, he must discover the true instigator to defuse the situation.

Catapulting Poppa[]

Starring: Li'l Bad Wolf
Guest starring: Big Bad Wolf, Three Little Pigs
Summary: Junior earns a pony by working for a farmer. When it bucks his father, Big Bad Wolf concocts a plan to fly over the pigs' traps and enter through their chimney, but the pigs are ready for him.

The Mirage Meal[]

(story feature)
Starring: Brer Bear, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck
Guest starring: Minnie Mouse, Jose Carioca, Clarabelle Cow
Summary: Mickey and friends throw a party for Jose, but a hungry Brer Bear arrives while they are at the airport to get Jose.

Do Not Disturb[]

Starring: Gyro Gearloose
Guest starring: Practical Pig
Cameo: Big Bad Wolf
Summary: To stop salesmen from distracting him, Gyro asks Practical Pig to booby trap his doorbell, but he soon regrets it.

Over-Do-It Yourself[]

Starring: Mickey Mouse, Morty, Ferdie, Pluto
Guest starring: Scuttle (Weasel)
Summary: Scuttle and his twin try to scam Mickey, but his nephews help him get the better end of the deal.