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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 270 is an issue of WDCS from the series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is March 1963 and the cover price is twelve cents.


The Jinxed Jalopy Race[]

Starring: Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Gladstone Gander
Summary: When Daisy is crowned Queen of the Mistletoe Ball, Donald competes in an auto race to win the right to kiss her. He absent-mindedly tosses a gum wrapper and a cop stops him. The judge orders him to clean up litter along the road. Lucky Gladstone wins the race, but furious Daisy goes to find out why Donald didn't win. When she finds him, she rips up the proclamation she had prepared for him and throws it, but the cop catches her for littering too. Gladstone settles for kissing the substitute queen.

Birdbrain of the Year[]

Starring: Ludwig Von Drake
Summary: Ludwig is hired to track down a rare bird for the birdwatchers club. His listening device points him to several false locations, until he discovers where the bird has been hiding.

Pot Luck[]

Starring: Li'l Bad Wolf
Guest starring: Big Bad Wolf, One Little Pig
Summary: When a flower pot lands on Big Bad's head, it twists his memory so he thinks Li'l Bad is a Pig.

Figaro's Fidgets[]

(story feature)
Starring: Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Figaro
Guest starring: Minnie Mouse
Summary: When Figaro gets fidgety as Minnie packs to visit her Aunt Minerva, Mickey suspects he knows something they don't.

The Monkey from Mars[]

Starring: Gyro Gearloose, Huey, Dewey and Louie
Summary: When Gyro tries an experiment with a monkey typing, the boys trick him into thinking the monkey is an invading alien.

A Bear for Business[]

Starring: Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Summary: Mickey and Goofy are hired by the manager to liven up a winter sports resort. Goofy goes snowblind and begins teaching bears instead of people by accident. The bears scare the real gusts away just as the owner arrives to check on business. Goofy registers the bears as guests and they start to hibernate in their rooms. The owner of the circus they escaped from has to pay their bill for the whole winter, saving the manager's job.