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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 264 is an issue of WDCS from the series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is September 1962 and the cover price is twelve cents.

This is the first issue of the series published by Gold Key. The previous issues were published by Dell Comics.


Master Wrecker[]

Starring: Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie
Summary: Donald can tear down any building swiftly and neatly, but when he destroy's a gnat's home, it seeks revenge.

Apple Pie Guy[]

Starring: Li'l Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf
Guest starring: Three Little Pigs
Summary: Li'l Wolf promises his pop an apple pie if he can pick some apples and behave. Big Bad Wolf can't resist when he spies the Three Little Pigs, so Li'l gives him a pie, right in the face.

Magic Rug Bug[]

Starring: Gyro Gearloose, Huey, Dewey and Louie
Summary: One hot day, Gyro is too tired to carry his rug out and clean it. Huey, Dewey and Louie notice a corner of it rising and flapping, and Gyro discovers a bug living in it. The rare bug flourishes in extreme heat, so he fashions a hot air pump and makes the whole rug fly. A cold air layer sends him back down, but luckily the rug lands on the clothesline where he wanted it anyway.

Thumper's Party[]

(Story feature)
Starring: Thumper, Bambi
Summary: A bear invades the animals' party, so they throw their food at him to scare him away.

Playpen Pickle[]

Starring: Ludwig Von Drake, Dimples
Guest starring: Daisy Duck
Cameo: Gyro Gearloose
Summary: While Ludwig is trying to conduct a weather experiment, Daisy asks him to babysit Dimples. The lad keeps escaping his playpen and getting into trouble until he is carried aloft by the weather balloon. Ludwig borrows Gyro's sky bike to chase him down. When a policeman pulls him over, Ludwig insists he put the lad in the biggest playpen of all, the jail.

The Treasure of El Dorado[]

Starring: Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Summary: Episode I
Goofy shows Mickey his grandfather's treasure map, so Mickey flies them to South America to look for the lost city of El Dorado with Gyro Gearloose's gold detector. When they stop for gas, two freeloaders stow away on the plane, overloading it. Goofy goes to jettison some heavy supplies and the baddies try to throw him out. Mickey joins the struggle and the plane is swept off course. He lands on a nearby lake next to some ruins. Arrows strike his rubber raft.

Donald Duck[]

Starring: Donald Duck
Summary: Don has trouble finding his groove on the company bowling team, but the next morning he does find himself looking for a new job.