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Todd Klein (born January 28, 1951) is an award-winning American comic book letterer, logo designer, and occasional writer — primarily for DC Comics.


Klein broke into comics in the summer of 1977, hired by DC as a staff production worker. This job entailed pasting together text pages (such as letter columns), putting logos, display lettering, and type on covers, and doing art and lettering corrections on comics pages. In the 1980s, Klein mainly worked for DC, where in addition to lettering many of their titles, he also designed logos and title headers for various letter pages.

Klein saw the growing prevalence of computerized lettering in the early 90s, and quickly realized it was the wave of the future. He had met Comicraft owners Richard Starkings and John Gaushell at the 1993 San Diego Comic-Con, and in 1994 asked them to help him get started with computer lettering by creating a few fonts based on Klein's hand lettering. Klein bought his first Macintosh computer in late 1994, and started learning how to make fonts himself. Since 1995, Klein has created a library of over 100 of his own fonts.

Klein has won thirteen of the last fourteen "Best Letterer/Lettering" Eisner Awards — that's every Eisner lettering award except one since the award was first was given out in 1993. He has won the Best Letterer Harvey Award eight times, the first time in 1992 and the most recent one in 2005.

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