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The Rookie
Comic Book Series: The World Of Cars
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Issue Number: 1
Published: March 2009
Language: English
Cover Artist: Allen Gladfelter
Color Colorist:
Previous issue:
Next issue: World of Cars 2

The World of Cars 1 is the first issue of Boom! Studios' comic book series The World Of Cars.


On the Racing Sports Network, Lightning McQueen tells his story on how he became the Piston Cup's hottest new star. Lightning meets with Darrell Cartrip in a sit down interview. A series of flashbacks take us back to when Lightning was called "Bulldozer McQueen". His hot shot attitude angered other cars, but Lightning only cared about winning, even if he damaged other cars. During the qualifying race for the regional championships, Lightning whips out and causes himself to be last in the line up at "Thunderhill Track Championship". Two previous rivals do everything in their power to keep McQueen from passing. McQueen's squeezing between the two cars caused himself to flip and whip out leaving himself with flats in the middle grass.

After the lights go out, McQueen leaves the track and mets Mack, who was a rusty 18-wheeler looking to be a race car transporter. After some resistence, McQueen lets Mack transport him to meet a friend who works for Dinoco. Mack meets up with his friend Grey, who laughs at McQueen's "Bulldozer" name. Not taking it, McQueen takes off.

During a commercial break from the Network, Darrell steps out to see some of his fans and Mack is waiting for him to tell him the "true" story of Lightning McQueen.


  • Written: Alan J Porter
  • Art: Albert Carreres
  • Colors: Emily Kanalz
  • Letters: Deron Bennett
  • Cover Art: Allen Gladfelter
  • Editor: Paul Morrissey


Alt covers[]


Alternate cover for premier issue of The World of Cars #1