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The Adventures of Robin Hood 6 is an issue of The Adventures of Robin Hood series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is November 1974 and the cover price is twenty-five cents.


The King's Ransom[]

(reprinted from Robin Hood (A Golden Special) 96154)
Summary: Alan-a-Dale tells of Friar Tuck bringing news to Little John and Robin Hood that King Richard has arrived at the shores of England. They want to join the dancing in the streets, but Tuck warns that, for now, Prince John still rules the castle. A stranger happens by on the king's horse. Robin is suspicious and discovers that he is carrying a ransom letter from Hawkeye the pirate, who has kidnapped the king and demands a barrel of gold for his release. Robin writes a different letter offering instead to dispose of the king for the same barrel of gold. He disguises himself to get past the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Hiss and deliver the letter, to which the Prince gladly agrees. Little John and the friar use the gold to buy the king's freedom, but before the pirate can leave with it, Robin and his men capture him. They tell Richard about his brother's cruelty, taxes, and willingness to reward his captors. He suggests using the pirate's cannon to distribute the gold back to his subjects. Little John loads it in the cannon and fires it towards town, where it rains gold on all the citizens.

Margie Gets Free Gifts for the Whole Family[]

(Advertising feature)
Summary: Margie's family and friends think it's a scam, but she sends for and receives a hundred free gifts by mail.

The Imp of Doom[]

Summary: Alan-a-Dale tells about Friar Tuck telling stories to Skippy, Sis, Toby, and Tagalong. Skippy likes the story about the Imp of Doom appearing to the ruler of the castle before a disaster. He thinks if the story is true then the Imp will appear to Prince John when King Richard returns. Tuck decides to test the story. He delivers the story to Sir Hiss, who reads it to the prince. Meanwhile, Skippy sneaks into the castle and pretends to be the Imp. The prince sees him and is so scared that he leaves. Not eager to see the Imp either, the Sheriff of Nottingham leaves too. Maid Marian is left in charge, so she and Lady Kluck throw a party for the people of Nottingham.

Cover Variant[]