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The Adventures of Robin Hood 4 is an issue of The Adventures of Robin Hood series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is August 1974 and the cover price is twenty-five cents.


The Lucky Hat[]

(reprinted from Robin Hood (A Golden Special) 96152)
Summary: Robin Hood is teaching Skippy archery when he spots the Sheriff of Nottingham and Trigger approaching. A gust of wind blows the hat Robin gave Skippy off his head and onto the Sheriff's. Scared that Robin is nearby, the Sheriff retreats and places the hat on a dummy in the cell he has reserved for the outlaw. Determined to retrieve his lucky hat, Skippy wears one of his sister's dresses to sneak into the castle, but Tagalong follows him and spoils the ruse. The Sheriff arrests them both, hoping to catch Robin trying to rescue them. Robin raises a ruckus to distract all the guards to the outskirts of town, then frees the kids, locks the Sheriff in the cell, and retrieves Skippy's hat.

Margie Gets Free Gifts for the Whole Family[]

(Advertising feature)
Summary: Margie's family and friends think it's a scam, but she sends for and receives a hundred free gifts by mail.

Ring Out Glad Bell[]

Summary: Alan-a-Dale describes Friar Tuck telling Skippy, Little Sis, Tagalong, and Toby that he won't ring his bell until King Richard returns. They hide in the bell tower, when some crooks come seeking Robin Hood's whereabouts. Skippy shoots an arrow downstairs to attract the baddies, and when one climbs the stairs to look for him, he tangles him in the bell's rope, causing it to ring. Robin and Little John hear the bell and come to see the king but are surprised to see that the kids and the friar have captured the criminals. Maid Marian and Lady Kluck enjoy hearing Sis' story of how she tied a crook's feet together with her hair ribbon.

Cover Variant[]