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The Adventures of Robin Hood 2 is an issue of The Adventures of Robin Hood series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is May 1974 and the cover price is twenty cents.


In King Richard's Service[]

(reprinted from Robin Hood (A Golden Special) 96153}
Summary: Alan-a-Dale tells how Prince John has sucked his thumb so much it is shriveling, so he calls a doctor. Robin Hood sneaks into the castle to bring some homing pigeons to Maid Marian so she can communicate with him. When the guards look for him, he hides outside a window. Lady Cluck thinks he has fallen, so she faints. Sir Hiss is suspicious of the doctor, but asks him to help her. The doc spies Robin Hood, but Lady Cluck knocks him out.

Back in Sherwood Forest, Robin and Little John get a homing pigeon message saying the doctor keeps looking at King Richard's jewels. They spot a different pigeon and follow it to a small cottage and eavesdrop. Inside are a group of thieves who are working with the "doctor" and planning to steal the jewels. They disguise themselves as Merry Men so Robin will be blamed.

The "doctor" puts a spicy mixture on the prince's thumb so he won't want to suck it, then makes him exercise until he's exhausted. Friar Tuck wakes Prince John and tells him of the plot and convinces him he needs Robin Hood's help. While Robin and Little John distract the thieves, the prince frees his guards, but orders them to catch Robin and the thieves get away. Robin evades the guards and has Marian send a message by homing pigeon to his Merry Men, telling them to waylay the thieves. They capture them in a net, and Robin retrieves and returns the jewels.

Margie Gets Free Gifts for the Whole Family[]

(Advertising feature)
Summary: Margie's family and friends think it's a scam, but she sends for and receives a hundred free gifts by mail.

Cover Variant[]