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The Adventures of Robin Hood 1 is an issue of The Adventures of Robin Hood series published by Gold Key Comics. The issue date is March 1974 and the cover price is twenty cents.


The Mystery of Sherwood Forest[]

(reprinted from Robin Hood (A Golden Special) 96152)
Summary: Ambushed by strangers, Robin Hood and Little John are forced to take a shortcut through the Wildwood. They've never been in that part of Sherwood Forest before, and Little John thinks monsters live there. The Sheriff of Nottingham tells Trigger he hired men from a faraway county to chase them into it. As Robin and Little John hide from them underwater, breathing through reeds, a dragon scares the posse away. When the pair emerges, the dragon is gone. Little John follows the scent of honeycakes but falls in a gully. Fireflies form the words "follow us" and lead them to a house deep in the Wildwood. Gillingham, a goat, introduces himself. He is an alchemist and inventor and firefly trainer with a price on his head too. The evil Duke of Darkmoor thinks Gillingham knows how to turn common metals into gold. When he tried to enslave him, Gillingham ran away and invented automatic dragons and other ways to frighten people away.

The next day, Robin and Little John return to Nottingham to spy around the castle. The Duke happens to arrive, and he questions the Sheriff about rumors of monsters. He reasons the rumors started around the time the alchemist disappeared. The Sheriff joins the Duke to rout out Gillingham, but Robin and Little John rush ahead to warn him and lay traps. Working together they frighten away the whole party.

Cover Variant[]