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Robin Hood (A Golden Special) 96151 is an issue of the Robin Hood series published by Western. The issue date is December 1973 and the cover price is one dollar fifty cents.


King of the Forest[]

The Enchanted Sword[]

Summary: Alan-a-Dale tells of a time that Robin hood promised to dine with Maid Marian while she was on holiday near Sherwood Forest. Little John goes with him to meet her, but he makes them run the whole way, afraid that Lady Kluck will eat all the food. When they arrive, they find the ladies missing, but there is a ransom note from Croc the Crafty demanding the Enchanted Sword for their return. Robin travels to the castle of the Mystic Moors to retrieve it despite legends of evil spirits. He is attacked by giant ravens, but luckily Little John followed him and beats back the birds in the nick of time. They solve a puzzle to find the hidden sword, then bring it to the kidnappers. They outwit the crooks and Robin tosses the sword into a quicksand bog so it will never fall into the wrong hands.