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Red Ranger
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Vital statistics
Official Name Red Power Ranger
Aliases Jason Lee Scott and Rocky DeSantos
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Angel Grove
Groups Power Rangers
List of Appearances Category:Red Power Ranger

Red Power Ranger is a character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Red Ranger is a designation given to the main character in every season of the Power Rangers TV series. The Red Ranger is usually the leader of the team, exceptions being Rocky DeSantos, Aurico and Wesley Collins, and this is also true to some extent in the original Japanese series from which Power Rangers draws its material. Red Rangers also usually receive the most powerful weapons. The Red Ranger's main weapon traditionally is a sword, but some have used blasters. It is the tradition since Power Rangers in Space for the Red Ranger to have Battlizer Armor, a special suit operated by a special device the Red Ranger controls.

Jason Lee Scott and Rocky DeSantos are the first and second Red Power Ranger respectively, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Jason is among the other Red Rangers in "Forever Red". In Power Rangers: Zeo, both served the team but changed their colors. Rocky becomes Zeo Ranger III - Blue, while Jason becomes the Gold Ranger.

  • Morpher: Power Morpher with Tyrannosaurus Power Coin
  • Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Sword, Dragon Dagger/Shield (temporarily)
  • Vehicles: N/A
  • Zords: Tyrannosaurus Dinozord → Red Dragon Thunderzord, Dragonzord (temporarily)

Rocky DeSantos is also the Red Ninja Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Rocky is the only Red Ranger (of the ones featured up to that point) who did not appear in "Forever Red".

  • Morpher: Power Morpher with Ape Power Coin
  • Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Sword, Metallic Armor
  • Vehicles: Red Shark Cycle
  • Zords: Ape Ninjazord, Red Shogunzord