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Dc rebecca cunningham

Rebecca Cunningham is a character from Disney's TaleSpin.


Rebecca is a petite brown bear with long brunette hair who usually wears a white turtleneck sweater, a purple-red jacket and violet slacks. At first she highly resented being nicknamed "Becky," "Beckers," "Beck" and/or "BC" by Baloo, but she soon grew accustomed to it with affection (in return, she calls him "Fly Boy" on occasion).

A shrewd businesswoman with an MBA, she bought Baloo's Air Service and his plane in the first episode when the pilot failed to pay his bank loan and renamed it 'Higher For Hire.' Rebecca's ambitions and penchant for recklessness has caused trouble for the company at times, such as in "A Touch of Glass" when she cashed in the Sea Duck's insurance policy to pay for expensive ads targeted at affluent clientele, and in "The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink" when she went into the truffle-gathering business. Although she originally relegated herself to the administrative and sales functions of the business, the series shows she eventually learns to be a capable would-be pilot in her own right. Her desire to get in the cockpit was sparked by the events of "I Only Have Ice for You" where Baloo temporarily had his pilot's license suspended and had to take over for a major shipping run to deliver an iceberg for the eccentric Prince Neverhasbeenbroke before running into the Air Pirates; and in "Feminine Air", in which Higher for Hire lost some business due to the chauvinistic machinations of a male pilot named Cool Hands Luke who made fun of Baloo for flying for a "skirt".

She can also have quite a temper, be stubbornly competitive, have a nasty jealous streak, be a hopeless romantic ("Her Chance to Dream", "Molly Coddled") and be judgmental at times; usually it is Baloo's laziness and carefree attitude towards his responsibilities that sets it off. Rebecca lives with her daughter Molly in an apartment in an upscale part of Cape Suzette, one which incorporates a waterfall in its design.