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Vital statistics
Official Name Elmo Sputterspark
Aliases Megawatt, Sparky
Gender Male
Race Villain
Location St. Canard
Groups Fearsome Five
List of Appearances Category:Megavolt

Megavolt, also known as Elmo Sputterspark, is a fictional super-villain character, from the series Darkwing Duck, produced by Disney.

When a bully sabotaged his science fair project on static electricity, young Elmo Sputterspark gained the ability to absorb and project electrical currents, and to grant nearby electrically powered objects a form of sentience. He wanted to call himself "Megawatt", but the band playing at the dance had already adopted that name. Sputterspark's transformation gave him virtually unlimited power. However, it also fried several portions of his brain, leaving Megavolt rather demented; he believes that lightbulbs, toasters and anything else powered by electricity have been "enslaved" by Mankind and need rescuing, which explains why he is usually seen leaving the crime scene with bags full of flashlights, toasters and ovens instead of money. Later in the series, he suffers from sporadic memory loss.

Megavolt was a member of the Fearsome Five (along with Negaduck II, Bushroot, Liquidator, and Quackerjack; he occasionally teamed up with the latter as a duo-although he hates it when Quackerjack, or anyone for that matter, calls him "sparky"). He also took orders from Negaduck as a henchman. He was once forced to partner up with Darkwing Duck on a case, because if the villain they were battling destroyed St. Canard, there would be nothing left for him to rob. In one episode Darkwing Duck defeats Megavolt by turning his own powers against him-he literally charges and changes Megavolt into a super magnet. Despite being rather dimwitted and absentminded at times, Megavolt is one of Darkwing Duck's more dangerous adversaries in terms of the sheer amount of power he possessed--Darkwing himself uses Megavolt as an example of what a supervillain is when taken to Mertz in Planet of the Capes.

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