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Mary Poppins is a Gold Key movie comic. Its issue date is 1965 and its cover price is twenty-five cents.


Mary Poppins[]

Summary: Mary Poppins arrives in a most unusual fashion... to take a job as companion to the children at the George Banks home. From that moment on, the most amazing things begin to happen... such as people sliding up the banister instead of down. The children love Mary, and during one of their walks in the park they meet her friend, Bert, a jolly Jack-of-all-trades. Having a tea party at a table suspended in air by laughter adds zest to the fun-world of Mary and her adventurous little group. Her life is filled with unique experiences... such as the times she and Bert dance and sing with all the little animals. Soon the entire Banks family realizes her talent. In a word, Mary Poppins is simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Abridged version[]

An alternate, abridged version of this comic was published at the same time with a cover price of twelve cents. This abridged story was later republished in Walt Disney Showcase 17.