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Launchpad McQuack has appeared as the maniac pilot in both DuckTales and Darkwing Duck.

About Launchpad[]

Launchpad was born to Ripchord and Birdie McQuack, and has a sister named Loopy. When Launchpad was very small, his family, "The Flying McQuacks," would tour around the world at air shows as barn-stormers, performing spectacular crashes, over and over again. Unfortunately for Launchpad, his new occupations involve keeping the airplane whole, a task which he is only mildly successful at.

Always sporting his trusty 1930s bomber jacket, scarf, and goggles, Launchpad is reliable transportation in nearly any vehicle, however, so long as you don't mind a crash here or there. His duties with Scrooge McDuck ended when the show Darkwing Duck began, where he now works with Drake Mallard and Gosalyn to fight Nega-Duck, F.O.W.L., and the Fearsome Five.

His personal quote: "Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash."