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Kim Possible (Cine-Manga) Vol. 4
Comic Book Series: Kim Possible (Cine-Manga)
Publisher: TokyoPop
Issue Number: Volume 4
Published: December 2003
Language: English
Cover Artist: Patrick Hook
Color Colorist: Rob Steen
Previous issue: Kim Possible (Cine-Manga) #3
Next issue: Kim Possible (Cine-Manga) #5

Episode 7: Royal Pain[]

Kim travels to a tiny European nation to help King Wallace unravel the mystery of an ancestral curse. But when she agrees to hide the obnoxious Prince Wally in Middleton, she finds she brought the royal curse home in more ways than one.

Episode 8: The Twin Factor[]

When Drakken hatches yet another plot to take over the world, Kim springs into action. Forced to bring her twin brothers along, Kim finds babysitting way more difficult than Drakken to deal with.

Characters featured in this issue[]