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Kim Possible
Vital statistics
Official Name Kimberly Ann Possible
Aliases KP, Kimmie
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Middleton
Groups Team Possible
List of Appearances Category:Kim Possible

Kim Possible is the leader of the world-famous crime fighting group Team Possible. This red-haired crime-fighter who saved the world also tried to live a normal teenage life, such as dealing with everyday problems ranging from the cheer regionals to turning her homework in on time to dealing with boy troubles. She was Ron Stoppable's best friend since kindergarten, and his girlfriend since the night of their junior prom. Her full name was announced to be Kimberly Ann Possible during the second season. Kim's dialogue tended to be peppered with not-so-typical teen slang; for example, "So not the drama" and "No big" [no big deal], as well as the series' catchphrase, "What's the sitch?" (slang for "situation"). She was known to have a fiery and demanding personality, which often got in the way of her work, but she was basically an intelligent, level-headed young lady and always managed to come out on top in the end and save the day.