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Junior Woodchucks Limited Series #1
Comic Book Series: Junior Woodchucks Limited Series
Publisher: WDPublications
Issue Number: 1
Published: July 1991
Language: English
Cover Artist: Jukka Murtosaari
Color Colorist: Jukka Murtosaari
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Next issue: Junior Woodchucks Limited Series 2


Bubbleweight Champ[]

Summary: In order to win a competition, The Junior Woodchucks need to get Donald to box the other team's opponent to win.

Writing: Carl Barks | Art: Carl Barks

Finders Weepers[]

Summary: During a scavenger hunt, the Junior Woodchucks travel to Duckburg State Beach to help Uncle Scrooge find his lucky dime.

Writing: Carl Fallberg | Pencils: Horacio Saavedra | Ink: Ruben Nestor Torreiro