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John D Rockerduck
Vital statistics
Official Name John D Rockerduck
Aliases 2nd Richest Duck in the World
Gender Male
Race Duck
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John D. Rockerduck is a Disney comics character.

About Rockerduck[]

After Rockerduck made his debut in an Uncle Scrooge story by Carl Barks he was never used again in an American story (except in reprints), however, he has become a recurring character in Italian comics. Though occasionally confused with Flintheart Glomgold by translators, they both serve the same purpose: as villainous wealthy competitors of Scrooge, mostly vying for top position in the world's wealthiest list. Though in The Beagle Boys 23 Rockerduck claims to be the 2nd Richest Duck in the World, a claim usually made by Glombold. Their prime motivators seems to be greed and bitter jealousy. Howard Rockerduck, Rockerduck's father first appeared in Don Rosa's "Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies" in "Uncle Scrooge 297". A young John was also depicted there as a spoiled brat, apparently a sign of things to come. Howard appeared again in "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" in "Uncle Scrooge 288" when Magica De Spell travels through time to Glasgow, Scotland in the year 1877 to steal the Number One Dime of the ten-year-old shoeshiner named Scrooge.