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Gladstone Gander is a Disney comics character.

About Gladstone[]

He is an obnoxious braggart, loafer and chiseler, with uncanny luck. He is also Donald Duck's competitor for Daisy Duck's affection and family fortunes. Not many members of the Duck Family actually like Gladstone, but most seem to tolerate him. Scrooge McDuck despises Gladstone's good fortune which, he feels, doesn't teach Gladstone the value of earning an honest wage. His mere existence seems to be a bane to Donald in many ways, since Donald actually does try to earn an honest wage (at times). It is implied in many stories that Gladstone's "good fortune" is not merely coincidental, but most likely "genetic." It seems the only way to counter or block his birth-charm is through magic, such as by Magica De Spell, or by means of some scientific invention by someone like Gyro Gearloose or Emil Eagle.

One such story which strongly supports a 'genetic link' is in Dell Comics' 4C "Duck Album" #649 (1955) where Gladstone has been banned from any current or future Charity Bazaars sponsored by Daisy Duck, Clara Cluck, Dora, and the girls of the Chit-Chat Club who sponsor them, because he ALWAYS wins all of the contests and NEVER spends a dime on anything. The girls know that his presence simply defeats the whole purpose of the Bazaar, and creates an atmosphere of discontent among those who would attend and contribute money. Strangely he seems quite unconcerned about not being able to attend. This time a young gosling actually wins all of the prizes, which while disturbing, makes the girls happy since 'at least it wasn't Gladstone.' They figure that since the lad seems as lucky as Gladstone they will just have to bar two patrons from next year's Bazaar. However, they soon learn that the young lad is none other than Shamrock Gander, Gladstone's nephew (he had come to pick up the young lad). Gladstone confirms that "Luck sorta runs in the family," then he ominously waves to his young twin girl cousins.


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