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Flintheart Glomgold is Uncle Scrooge's frequent rival.

About Flintheart[]

When he first appeared in 1956, Carl Barks showed that he lives in the Limpopo Valley in South Africa. However because of was the apartheid system that ruled that country until 1989, many later Duck-story creators have seen away from that fact. However in Lo$, part 6 The Terror of the Transvaal, Don Rosa shows that Scrooge McDuck's first meeting with Flintheart was around 1880 when Scrooge went to South Africa in search of gold.

Barks never said anything about where Flintheart has his origin, so he may have been born in Scotland and emigrated to South Africa at a young age, like Scrooge emigrated to America. Anyway, in "The Terror of the Transvaal" Glomgold says he's a Boer. Translators have sometimes confused him with John D. Rockerduck.