Duckburg is located in the state of Calisota at the American Pacific coast. The name Calisota was first mentioned by Barks in 1952 in the story "The Gilded Man". In "His Majesty McDuck",  Don Rosa shows that Duckburg was founded by Cornelius Coot in 1818. Before then the place was called Drake borough. Drake borough was an English settlement founded by Sir Francis Drake in 1579. The name Duckburg probably first occurred in the last panel of the Barks story "The Tight-wire Artist / High-wire Daredevils" from 1944. Where a sign along the railway (in the last panel) says "Duckburg 2096 miles". Duckburg is a medium sized city. It's not a small town or a village nor is it a big metropolis.

Duckburg's known history started in June 1579 when British colonists and adventurers led by Sir Francis Drake and Malcolm McDuck landed in a land then called Nova Albion (which has later become known as Calisota). Fort Drake Borough (later known as Fort Duckburg was built the same year. The very first commander on Fort Drake Borough was (according to Don Rosa) Malcolm McDuck.

In the 20th century the city has been shaped by it's no.1 citizen, Scrooge McDuck.

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