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Dr. Einmug
As seen in Mickey Mouse Adventures #10
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Gender Male
Race Human
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Doctor Einmug is an atomic scientist who developed an atomic power formula. He first appeared in Floyd Gottfredson's "Island in the Sky" in 1936-1937, and later was used quite frequently by Romano Scarpa. In the USA, Doctor Einmug has appeared only in MM "Island in the Sky" (MM Best Comics #1, WDC #1, WDC #582) and in Mickey Mouse Adventures #17 & 18, "A Snatch in Time" (Oct. 1991), In "Island in the Sky" Mickey Mouse meets Dr. Einmug for the first time, and visits his island which floats high in the clouds. Pete covets the ingredients of that formula, and attempts to steal it.

Later, in "A Snatch in Time" the villianous Wiley Wildbeest attempts to capture a young dinosaur named Ralph whom Dr. Einmug had brought foward in time using his time machine. Mickey, Goofy, Dr. Einmug attempt to return Ralph to the past only to be followed by Wiley who begins hunting a tyrannosaurus rex. After a skirmish they all return to the present, however they accidentally leave a flashlight which Ralph discovers. Upon their return they find the world has changed, it is now populated by intelligent dinosaurs (some of which apparently are supplants for Mickey's friends). Beginning with Romano Scarpa, Dr. Einmug is a frequently used character in European Disney comics, where one of his most famous tales created Antomino Bip-Bip, but has appeared quite frequently in French and Italian Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Ellsworth tales.

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