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'Disney's Sebastian #1'
Comic Book Series: Disney's Sebastian
Publisher: Disney Comics, Inc.
Issue Number: 1
Published: June 1992
Language: English
Cover Artist: Tom Bancroft
Color Colorist: Cris Palomino & Brian Garvey
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Next issue: Disney's Sebastian 2

Disney's Sebastian 1 is the first issue of the Disney Comics series.

Fiddling Around[]

Sebastian is worried about impressing his teacher and mentor with his music.

Written: Peter David | Pencils: Jackson Guice | Inks: Brian Garvey | Letters: John Workman | Colored: Jo Meugniot

Sebastian In Scotland[]

Some Scotts are putting bombs in the water to bring the fish to the top of the water. Sebastian to the rescue.

Written: Doug Murray | Pencils: Bill Fugate | Inks: Dave Hunt | Letters: John Workman | Colored: Jo Meugniot

Out of Africa and Into The Frying Pan[]

Trying to find motivation for new music, Sebastian finds himself in trouble in Africa.

Written: Pat McGreal and Dave Rawson | Pencils: Jorge Sanchez | Inks: Roberto Bat | Letters: Bill Spicer | Colored: Jo Meugniot

The Big Finale[]

Sebastian gets in the way of natives playing beautiful music.

Written: Tom Bancroft | Pencils: Dan Gracey | Inks: Brian Garvey | Letters: Stan Sakai | Colored: Jo Meugniot

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