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Darkwing Duck
Vital statistics
Official Name Drake Mallard
Aliases Superhero, Posiduck, Dark Warrior Duck, NegaDuck
Gender Male
Race Duck
Location 537 Avian Way, St. Canard, Calisota
Groups S.H.U.S.H.,
List of Appearances Category:Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck is a Disney comics character.

Drake Mallard, better known as Darkwing Duck. When not fighting crime Darkwing spends his time as his alter ego Drake Mallard, Gosalyn Mallard's adoptive father. Darkwing often demonstrates a large degree of clumsiness and lack of common sense that is hampered by his tremendous ego. However, unlike Inspector Gadget and similar cartoon heroes, Darkwing is actually extraordinarily competent as a superhero--that is once he puts aside distractions and ego and focuses completely on the case. This moment of transition would be marked by Darkwing's catchphrase "Let's get dangerous". While he is known (to an extent) as a hero in St. Canard, he frequently deals with citizens misunderstanding him. Even though he is referred to as a "superhero" (by himself and other citizens), Darkwing has no true superpower. Instead, he relies on his weapons, finesse, and intellect to solve crimes and stop villains, much like Batman.

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