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Christmas Parade, a collection of christmas stories featuring your favorite characters.

Celebrate the holidays with the magic of Disney! -- This edition combines the best of three original issues of the Christmas Parade, including a cover by the legendary Walt Kelly, along with "Letter to Santa," a Donald Duck classic by Carl Barks, both from Christmas Parade #1 (1949). A Chip 'N' Dale and Donald story from CP #2 and "Minnie's Christmas Tree," a Mickey Mouse yuletide yarn from CP #3 complete the vintage tales in the book, but that's not all! Also included are three new Disney stories: Grandma Duck and Gus Goose in "A Grandma Christmas," Mickey Mouse in "Which-Way Winter," and Donald Duck in "Tis the Season."

Country: USA

Publisher: Golden Press

Date: 1977

Pages: 228

ISBN: # 0-307-11191-1

Christmas In Duckburg

Donald and nephews must transport huge Christmas tree from Canada to Duckburg
The Generous Pup
  • Art: Al Hubbard
  • Scamp
The Missing Package Puzzle Bad Wolf helps secretly Lil Bad Wolf delivering packages for Christmas
Diamond Dust Dilemma The Old Hag freezes Snow White and demands diamond dust to release her.