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Bulk and Skull
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Vital statistics
Official Name Farcus Bulkmier and Eugene von Skullovitch
Aliases Bulk, Skull
Gender Males
Race Humans
Location Angel Grove
List of Appearances Category:Bulk and Skull

Bulk and Skull are characters in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Farcus "Bulk" Bulkmier and Eugene "Skull" von Skullovitch, from the very beginning, provided much of the comic relief in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, usually through over-the-top slapstick (often accompanied by a suitable soundtrack, including background music).

This was no doubt highlighted by their physical appearances: Bulk was heavyset and Skull lean. Similar comedy duos have appeared in other works to similar effect. Bulk was the dominant member of the duo, and Skull would usually follow and attempt to emulate Bulk. Such is exemplified when Skull would repeat whatever Bulk had said, usually beginning with "yeah".