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Bonkers Bobcat
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Vital statistics
Official Name Bonkers D. Bobcat
Aliases Bonkers
Gender Male
Race Cat
Location Toon Division of the Hollywood PD
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Bonkers D. Bobcat is an overly energetic and hyperactive cartoon bobcat that works in the Toon Division of the Hollywood PD. Once a big name cartoon star for Wackytoons Studios, he was fired due to his show being bumped out of first place in ratings. He was introduced to law enforcement when he unknowingly saved cartoon celebrity Donald Duck from a park mugger (mostly due to the help of officer Lucky Piquel) and was given full credit for the mugger's capture.

For his actions, he received the Citizen of Valor award by the Chief of Police, Leonard Kanifky. Bonkers, while soaking in the praise, told the chief about how his experiences starring in police cartoons (the "Miranda" episodes) helped in the capture of the mugger. Chief Kanifky mistook his fictional roles as real life, world wide police accounts and, thinking that Bonkers would be a benefit to the police force, asked if the cartoon star would like a job working for the Hollywood PD, which Bonkers accepted. Bonkers then requested Lucky as his partner and the two established the beginning of the Toon Division.

Though Bonkers means well, he usually messes up cases for his fellow officers due to his lack of experience in law enforcement and his wild, exaggerated, cartoony nature. He even tells Lucky at one point that he isn't good at logical police thinking because he is a toon. It is interesting to note that not only does Bonkers make a design change between the 'Lucky' and 'Miranda' episodes, his personality is slightly tweaked as well.

In the 'Miranda' episodes (named after him having Miranda Wright as a partner), he's portrayed as a rather clumsy, somewhat foolish character who ends up being the shows punching bag. In the Lucky episodes, he's less of a buffoon and more of a Inspector Cleauseu-type, in control of himself (though still hyperactive), and carries an extensive knowledge about the toon and their behavior (he is a toon himself after all), which is an asset on cases dealing with rogue toons (Lucky would very rarely acknowledge this, although he knows it deep inside). The joke is his lack of law enforcement experience and procedure is still his "Achilles Heel."

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