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Blue Ranger
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Vital statistics
Official Name Blue Power Ranger
Aliases Billy Cranston
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Angel Grove, Command Center
Groups Power Rangers
List of Appearances Category:Blue Power Ranger

Blue Power Ranger is a character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Blue Ranger is a title given to several Power Rangers characters. While the original Blue Ranger is a serious team member and represented "the smart one", subsequent Blue Rangers have been pushed to the position of "comic relief". Blue Rangers are generally male, however recent seasons have had female Blue Rangers. So far, female Blue Rangers wear a lighter shade of blue than their male counterparts, however Cestro as the Blue Aquitian Ranger also wore a lighter shade of blue similar to that of the female Blue Rangers.

Billy Cranston is the Blue Power Ranger and later the Blue Ninja Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

  • Morpher: Power Morpher with Triceratops/Wolf Power Coin
  • Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Lance, Metallic Armor
  • Vehicles: RADBUG, Blue Shark Cycle
  • Zords: Triceratops Dinozord → Unicorn Thunderzord, Wolf Ninjazord, Blue Shogunzord