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Black Power Ranger
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Vital statistics
Official Name Black Power Ranger
Aliases Zack Taylor or Adam Park
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Angel Grove, Command Center
Groups Power Rangers
List of Appearances Category:Black Power Ranger

Black Power Ranger is a character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Black Ranger is a designation given to several Power Rangers characters. In the Sentai version of the show, the Black Ranger usually serves as second in command, which is a position taken by the Blue Ranger or Green Ranger if there isn't one on the team. Black Rangers are often part of the core Ranger team, until Power Rangers RPM. When the Black Ranger is not in the core five Rangers, this position is usually taken by a Green Ranger. Like the Green Ranger, there has never been a female Black Ranger.

Zack Taylor  is the original Black Power Ranger and Adam Park, his successor, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Adam later on becomes a Green Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo and Power Rangers: Turbo.

  • Morpher: Power Morpher with Mastodon Power Coin
  • Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Axe
  • Vehicles: N/A
  • Zords: Mastodon Dinozord → Lion Thunderzord

Adam Park is also the Black Ninja Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

  • Morpher: Power Morpher with Frog Ninja Coin
  • Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Axe, Metallic Armor
  • Vehicles: Black Shark Cycle
  • Zords: Frog Ninjazord, Black Shogunzord